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John's upcoming live appearances with the following artists:

The Ranahans

Slick Willie and the Kentucky Jellies

Bill Bynum and Company

2018 Shows

Jan 27               Kentucky Jellies          Bobby Mackey's                                                                   Wilder, KY

March 17           Kentucky Jellies.         Private Event                                                                       Loveland, OH

June 16            The Ranahans             Private Event                                                                      Middletown, KY

June 23            The Ranahans             Bluegrass Stockyards                                                      Lexington, KY

June 29            The Ranahans             Austin City Saloon                                                             Lexington, KY

August 3            The Ranahans             Austin City Saloon                                                             Lexington, KY

August 16         The Ranahans            Thursday Night Live                                                          Lexington, KY

August 31          Bill Bynum & Co           Plain Folk Cafe                                                                   Pleasant Plain, OH

September 6     The Ranahans            Kentucky State BBQ                                                          Danville, KY

September 23   The Ranahans            High Hope Steeplechase                                               Lexington, KY

September 28   The Ranahans            Kentucky Horse Park                                                        Lexington, KY


2017 Shows

Jan 13                Kentucky Jellies.          Fries Cafe                                                                       Clifton, OH

March 4              Travis Harris                Austin City Saloon                                                          Lexington, KY

March 11           Kentucky Jellies.          Chiefs Lake                                                                     Clarksville, OH

March 24            Kentucky Jellies.         Jerzees                                                                             Newport, KY

April  14              Travis Harris                Austin City Saloon                                                          Lexington, KY

April 21               Scott Dawson.              City Nights TV show                                                      Covington, KY           

April 22               Kentucky Jellies.          Chiefs Lake                                                                     Clarksville, OH

April 23               Bill Bynum & Co.          Bluebird Cafe                                                                   Nashville, TN

June 3                Travis Harris                Austin City Saloon                                                          Lexington, KY

June 9                 Kentucky Jellies          Tumbleweed Connection                                             Dayton, OH

June 22              Jason Ritchie               Putters                                                                                Mason, OH

June 24              Kentucky Jellies          Chiefs Lake                                                                       Clarksville, OH

July 3                  Jason Ritchie               Mutts                                                                                    Trenton, OH

July 7                   Bill Bynum & Co.          Harmony Hill Winery                                                       Bethell, OH

July 8                   Bill Bynum & Co.          Southgate House Revival                                             Newport, KY

July 15                Kentucky Jellies          Boot City Opry                                                                    Terre Haute, IN

August 7             Jason Ritchie              Mutts                                                                                      Trenton, OH         

August 18           Jason Ritchie              Regatta                                                                                 Cincinnati, OH          

August 26            Kentucky Jellies.        Fries Cafe                                                                          Clifton, OH

August 31            Jason Ritchie               Putters                                                                                Mason, OH

Sept 4                  Jason Ritchie               Mutts                                                                                    Trenton, OH

Sept 26                Kentucky Jellies.         Private Event                                                                      Lawrenceburg, IN

Sept 29                Kentucky Jellies.         Jerzees                                                                               Newport, KY

Oct 13                  Jason Ritchie               Putters                                                                                 Mason, OH

Oct 22                  Kentucky Jellies.         Southgate House Revival - with Wayne Hancock    Newport, KY

Nov 4                   Jason Ritchie               Hebron Grille                                                                      Hebron, KY

Nov 18                Kentucky Jellies.         Private Event                                                                       Loveland, OH

Dec 2               Kentucky Jellies.             Grand Central Deli                                                             Pleasant Ridge, OH

Dec 15              Kentucky Jellies.             Grand Central Deli                                                             Pleasant Ridge, OH

2016 Shows

Jan 8                Travis Harris            Austin City Saloon                                                                 Lexington, KY

Feb 6                Kentucky Jellies.     River City Tap                                                                        Lawrenceburg, IN

Feb 13              Travis Harris            Austin City Saloon                                                                Lexington, KY

Feb 19               Bulletiville                 Urban Artivact                                                                       Cincinnati, OH

Feb 22               Ancient News           Urban Artifact                                                                        Cincinnati, OH

Feb 27               Travis Harris            Bobby Mackey's                                                                     Wilder, KY

March 11           Travis Harris            Austin City Saloon                                                                 Lexington, KY

March 19            Kentucky Jellies      Bobby Mackey's                                                                     Wilder, KY

May 28                Bill Bynum & Co.      Urban Artifact                                                                         Cincinnati, OH

May 29                Bill Bynum & Co        Bluebird Cafe                                                                        Nashville, TN

May 30                Bill Bynum & Co        Harmony Hill Winery                                                           Bethel, OH

June 5                 Bulletville                   Southgate House Revival                                                 Newport, KY

June 11              Travis Harris            Austin City Saloon                                                                 Lexington, KY

June 18              Harold Kennedy      Northside Tavern                                                                  Cincinnati, OH

June 23              Kentucky Jellies        Riverfest                                                                                 Lawrenceburg, IN

June 30              Kentucky Jellies         Southgate House - open for Dale Watson                   Newport, KY

July 9                  Kentucky Jellies          Fries Cafe                                                                             Lawrenceburg, IN

July 23               Kentucky Jellies         Boot City Opry                                                                       Terre Haute, IN

July 29               Strawboss                   Fountain Square - open for Rev Horton Heat              Cincinnati, OH

Aug 6                 Travis Harris                Austin City Saloon                                                                Lexington, KY

Aug 8                  Kentucky Jellies         Greenhills Concert Series                                                  Greenhills, OH

Dec 16               Kentucky Jellies          Bobby Mackey's                                                                     Wilder, KY


2015 Shows

December 19   Travis Harris.         Sugarland Shine                                                                    Gatlinburg, TN

December 19   Travis Harris           WDVX Blue Plate Special                                                     Knoxville, TN

Nov 28                Kentucky Jellies.    Bobby Mackey's                                                                     Wilder, KY

Nov 25                 Bulletville.               Southgate House                                                                 Newport, KY

Oct 25                  Bulletville.                Washington Park                                                                  Cincinnati, OH

Oct 16                  Scott Dawson         Sis's                                                                                          Newport, KY

Oct 10                  Travis Harris           Madison Theatre                                                                  Covington, KY

Oct 3                    Travis Harris           Elk Creek Vineyard                                                              Owenton, KY

Sept 26               Travis Harris           Blazing Saddles Saloon                                                     Columbus, OH

Sept 18               Bill Bynum                Harmony Hill Winery                                                            Bethel, OH

Sept 11               Travis Harris           Madison Theatre                                                                  Covington, KY

Sept 6                 Bill Bynum.                Bluebird Cafe                                                                        Nashville, TN

August 22         Kentucky Jellies       Boot City Opry                                                                     Terre Haute, IN

August 18           Bulletville                Fountain Square                                                                  Cincinnati, OH

August 8             Travis Harris             Austin City Saloon                                                              Lexington, KY

July 24                Scott Dawson         Harmony Hill Winery                                                            Bethel, OH

July 18                Scott Dawson         Milford Opry House                                                               Milford, OH

Junly 11                             Lebanon Grand Opry                                                                             Lebanon, OH

June 27                             Lebanon Grand Opry                                                                             Lebanon, OH

June 20                             Lebanon Grand Opry                                                                             Lebanon, OH

June 12                             Southgate Huose Revival                                                                     Newport, KY

June 5               Travis Harris.          June in Olde Williamsburgh                                              Williamsburg, OH

Junw 4              Bulletville.                 Belterra Casino                                                                    Cincinnati, OH

May 30             Travis Harris             Austin City Saloon                                                                Lexington, KY

May 24              Bill Bynum.                Bluebird Cafe                                                                        Nashville, TN

May 23              Bill Bynum                 Harmony Hill Winery                                                            Bethel, OH

April 30            The Turkeys             Southgate House Revival                                                   Newport, KY

April 25                             Lebanon Grand Opry                                                                              Lebanon, OH

April 24            Scott Dawson           City Nights TV broadcast                                                     Covington, KY

March 12-13                   Texas Steel Guitar Jamboree                                                                 Dallas, TX

January 24      Bulletville.                 Bobby Mackey's                                                                      Wilder, KY